Our goal is to use the available features in Blackboard optimally to meet your stated teaching objectives. There are two stages to this course design process when exploiting the Learning Managaement System (LMS) : 1) to create a robust learning environment by integrating the Blackboard LMS features to customize your course and 2) to enhance the student learning experience by integrating a variety of  external digital tools into the Blackboard environment. Philosophically, we could view the LMS as a skeletal framework within which the majority of the interactions take place. However, we don’t have to limit the avenues for achieving the pedagogical goals to the LMS. By bringing in external digital tools within the LMS, you can be innovative and creative in designing engaging activities for learning.
We have featured some video examples below. Our IT department has developed several videos to illustrate the application of Blackboard elements for effective teaching. Also, we hope to learn many more LMS focused course design ideas from you.

3 Ideas for Course Design Within Blackboard

This video demonstrates three ways to enhance course design within your Blackboard course shell. Firstly, you may add a visual element and customize your course with a banner. Secondly, you may communicate your course guidelines clearly by explaining how to navigate through the course shell. Thirdly, you may organize information using the Learning Modules feature. It is an alternate way to convey information using table of contents as opposed to folders.

Customizing Content Areas

This video provides a step-by-step guide for instructors who would like to learn how to use content area to their course shell within the Blackboard LMS.

Customizing how you present content using the LMS features

This video provides instructors several options for presenting the course info in different ways by using the built in Blackboard LMS features. For example, the video shows you how to add menu Categories, select from templates, rename links, and organize info.

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