Instructors close the loop multiple times within a class session by continuously using initiation-response-feedback cycles. Whether the course is for an online, face-to-face or blended context, the instructor faces the challenge of providing feedback in a timely manner, with efficiency, and effectiveness so that it may aid in clear communication and strengthen learning. We will explore multiple methodologies and modalities to give feedback by presenting concrete examples from the teaching practices of SHU faculty below.

Feedback Strategies Using an Annotation Tool

Prof. Wendy Bjerke likes to use the annotation tool called Crocodoc when provide feedback for written assignments. Crocodoc is a third-party tool linked within our Blackboard LMS. Please watch this video to see how Prof. Bjerke uses the Crocodoc feature to effectively combine specific feedback with overall feedback for the entire assignment, and follows it up with scaffolding, and one-to-one conversations.

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