With or without integrating the digital environment, interactive teaching involves getting the students to participate actively with the teacher, with peer students, and via hands-on activities. Think, pair, share and jigsaw are some of the many different ways to engage students with the goal of enhancing the learning experience. The examples presented below highlight how SHU faculty are experimenting with emerging pedagogies using new technologies

Task Design for Interactive Teaching Using Voicethread

When using the tool Voicethread, the instructor and students can communicate with each other in asynchronous settings using video, audio, or text. In this video, Prof. Robin Danzak demonstrates how she designed a task using Voicethread to get fellow faculty to engage in a discussion.

Curating Scholarly Sources and Engaging in Discussions - Using Tackk

Instead of using the threaded discussion boards within the LMS, Prof. Frank Tudini wanted to experiment with alternate tools to post scholarly sources and then get students to engage in online discussion in response to the assigned reading – all within a single digital space. Click on the example to the right to see how Tudini achieved this goal using a tool called Tackk.

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