Students comprehend and apply knowledge in a myriad different ways, and bring with them diverse abilities to the classroom. Hence, it is important to apply UDL principles in our instructional design and teaching to address the needs of all learners. Keeping with this line of thinking, As a logical next step, it is essential to develop a variety of assessment approaches so that students may demonstrate their learning in different ways.

Our SHU faculty are employing diverse assessment methods at the course level. We have listed a few examples below.

Gamification in Teaching and Learning Using Kahoot

Prof. Mahfuja Malik has been using gamification in her undergraduate accounting class to motivate students, create a suitable environment for active learning, verify student learning, and provide early intervention. Please watch the video on the right to learn how she set up the task using a gamification tool called Kahoot. The video also includes student perspectives about their learning experience.

Seven Questions Students Should Be Asking about Writing Assignments

Prof. Steve Michels is the Director of Assessment at Sacred heart University. He is constantly developing and applying innovative assessment methodologies when teaching in his discipline of Political Science. Here is a recent blog post from him about questions students should ask when working on their written assignments. This is an effective way to promote inquiry-based learning when students develop their written assignments.

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