A compendium of podcasts from various disciplines across Sacred Heart University

Pedagogically Speaking…

The Odyssey

  These podcasts have been created by Professor Marie Hulme to assist her literature students with their study of Homer’s The Odyssey. Professor Hulme developed these podcasts for her online students but has found that they have also helped her traditional on-campus students with their understanding of the ancient Greek poem. She is in the […]

Media Matrix Show

Media Matrix is an independent site exploring how the media machine influences and controls the flow of information and the construction of our political, social and personal realities.  

First Year Spanish Podcast

These series of podcasts consist of audio commentaries for the first seven chapters of the book DOS MUNDOS EN BREVE (by Tracy D Terrell, Jeanne Egasse, Elías Miguel Muñoz, and Magdalena Andrade – McGraw Hill – 2003 – 3rd edition), a book widely used for first year Spanish courses at the university level. The podcasts […]

Election 2016

  This political podcast series will focus on the 2016 Presidential Election. The following podcasts are intended to inform listeners of developments related to the intense nominating contests currently unfolding among the Democratic and Republican candidates for president. No other country on the face of the earth has adopted a system for nominating their national […]
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