SHU Alumni

Introduction by Shannon Lonergan, SHUsquare Student Coordinator February 3rd, 2017 Sacred Heart University’s Christopher Minardi (2015 graduate) was chosen to embark on an incredible journey to Albania as a recipient of the Fulbright U.S. Student Award. During his time he worked on an educational project he conceived and proposed to the J. William Fulbright Foreign […]

Digital Pedagogy Summer Institute

By Jaya Kannan ( Digital Learning) Projected coordinated by Barbara Gerwien (Digital Learning) July 25, 2016

Project: CyberTribe

By: Seniors Mary Awad and Mary Rose Coratolo Feb 2016 In Fall 2015, we took a digital communications course CM-224:Democratic Technologies with Professor Gregory Golda. For our assignment on Digital Citizen News, we created this video! Check it out and share your comments below!

Spanish Major Portfolio

By: Sacred Heart University Student Judith Tacuri Brito, Double major Spanish and Media studies, College of Arts and Sciences Dec 2015   I created this Portfolio as part of a Spanish course, SP397. The process of creating my Spanish portfolio on a website and presenting my essays, exams and speaking practices audio helped me to […]

The “Our Odysseus Project”

By Prof. Marie Hulme, English Department, College of Arts and Sciences Feb 2016   Transforming Student Learning through Digital Pedagogy: The “Our Odysseus Project” The “Our Odysseus” project offered students opportunities to engage with a text while developing important 21st century fluencies in technology, collaboration, creativity, and multi-modal, multi-disciplinary approaches to learning.  “Our Odysseus” is […]
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