Task Design for promoting Critical Reading using Google Docs

By Prof. Jaya Kannan March 14 2016   Background: In fall 2015, I taught the ENG201 Experiencing Literature course for the first time. A primary goal was to promote critical reading in that freshman classroom. For this, I chose to bring in the cloud based networked learning environment using a host of Google tools. A sub […]

Grading student presentation skills – My frustrations and solutions

By Prof. Tuvana Rua, Assistant professor, Welch College of Business. March 2016   My Teaching Problem: Every time we have a presentation in BU 121 (4 presentation total) and MGT 101 (3 presentations total), it ends up becoming really difficult to grade presentation skills and content at the same time. Most of the time, the feedback […]

My Many False Starts – Creating Video Based Teaching Modules for the Art Of Thinking Course

By Prof. Gordon Purves Assistant Professor, Philosophy, Sacred Heart University March 21 2016     1.     Defining my teaching problem In the spring of 2015, I began a project to create online teaching materials for the Art of Thinking, our undergraduate freshman logic and critical thinking course at Sacred Heart University.  This would be my first […]

Creating Mini-Videos in a Spanish course

By Prof. Pilar Munday, Associate Professor of Spanish, College of Arts and Sciences.   This semester, my students have been creating mini-videos using a technique called app-smashing, in which you use several tools to create an object. These are the tools used (in this case, most of them are iOS based): YAKitKIDS: To create 15 second videos […]
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