continued conversations


Jaya Kannan
 (Director, Digital Learning), and
Pilar Munday (SHUsquare Faculty Coordinator, and Associate Professor, Spanish)

March 2016

Teaching and learning never ends within the space and time of classroom sessions. Continued Conversations captures the richness of learning as it extends beyond the classroom. This section promotes academic conversations among faculty, students, and between students and faculty as a continuation of formal learning. We offer three different venues for this interaction:

* Colloquia – The College of Arts and Sciences runs several colloquia throughout the year as part of the Liberal Arts curriculum. In this section, we offer archived videos of the colloquia so that long after an event has ended, faculty and students can use them for teaching and learning, to use them to supplement discussions in a variety of disciplines, and to reflect and post responses in a virtual space. This enhances the value of the colloquia as it engages the participants in an ongoing dialogue.

* Faculty voices – In addition to their teaching, SHU faculty also document their scholarship and reflect seriously on their teaching practices by blogging outside of the university environment. This section currently contains blog entries by three of our faculty: Prof. Josh Elliott (College of Education), Prof. Steve Michels (Director of Assessment), and Prof. Robin Danzak (College of Health Professions). We look forward to adding many more.

* Podcasts – Here you can find podcasts from the SHU classroom. Our initial contributors are Prof. Gary Rose (Political Science), Prof. Marie Hulme (English), and Prof. Pilar Munday (Spanish). These podcasts can be an effective tool for student engagement and can be used to meet different pedagogical goals.

We request submissions from faculty and students to build this section of SHU Square. Please send us your ideas by filling out the form below.