SHU Alumni

Introduction by Shannon Lonergan, SHUsquare Student Coordinator February 3rd, 2017 Sacred Heart University’s Christopher Minardi (2015 graduate) was chosen to embark on an incredible journey to Albania as a recipient of the Fulbright U.S. Student Award. During his time he worked on an educational project he conceived and proposed to the J. William Fulbright Foreign […]

Student Showcase

  Transforming Student Learning through Digital Pedagogy: The “Our Odysseus Project” By Prof. Marie Hulme, English Department, College of Arts and Sciences Feb 2016 The “Our Odysseus” project offered students opportunities to engage with a text while developing important 21st century fluencies in technology, collaboration, creativity, and multi-modal, multi-disciplinary approaches to learning.  “Our Odysseus” is […]


Student Commons

  By: Jaya Kannan (Director, Digital Learning), and Pilar Munday (SHUsquare Faculty Coordinator, and Associate Professor, Spanish) March 2016 In this section, we highlight the academic work of students from all the colleges, across a variety of disciplines, and ranging from undergraduate freshman to graduate programs. The Student Commons is a way of building opportunities for students […]
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